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Vladislav Kravets about five-year refinancing loans with a floating interest rate from the NBU

The National Bank's intention to introduce five-year refinancing loans with a floating interest rate will promote economic growth


What can a Ukrainian borrower get, often changing banks

The active reduction of deposit rates by banks began to affect the cost of loans in Ukraine. Financial institutions do not just omit interest, but already began to lure borrowers from each other. As it happens and what can end in an interview with UBR.ua, said the chairman of the board of RwS bank, Vladislav Kravets.


"RwS bank" started issuing chip cards "PROSTIR"

«RwS Bank» announced the beginning of issue of payment cards of the national payment system «PROSTIR» with the chip of the international standard EMV CPA. Employees of UKRCARD and the NBU at the earliest possible time, the certification of chip cards of the SPST "PROSTIR" initiated by the Bank was carried out. The cards are manufactured at Polly-Service using the chip product Liger CPA. The preparation of chip data is carried out by UKRCARD.


Managers and business owners pay the greatest attention to the emotional intelligence of employees

Deputy Director of the RwS Bank Personnel Management Department Elena Korolenko took part in the event of the meeting of the Ukrainian Business Entrepreneurs meeting "HR CLUB SUP" (an innovative platform for the exchange of HR managers 'and HR specialists' experience).


Vladislav Kravets: The illusion of clearing the banking system

Analyzing the Annual Report of the National Bank of Ukraine for 2016, which was announced at the end of May, drew attention to the indicators of a group of banks with Ukrainian private capital. Why Ukrainian? And because these are institutions without so-called parent banks or financial groups of "donors" who, if necessary, can cofinance their Ukrainian daughters.


NBU for the market - the creditor or the borrower?

Banks have opened an instrument for deposit certificates for themselves in 2015. As a result, they began to actively buy deposit certificates after their interest rate increased to 27% (March 2015). Although since April 22, 2016, the National Bank sets the discount rate and interest rate on deposit certificates at one level.


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