We invite you to participate in the joint action of RwS bank and PROSTIR “DISCOVER YOUR COFFEE”.

Pay by the card "Prostir" from RwS bank and get a free ticket to attend the event BLACKFEST Ukrainian Coffee Show.

It is easy to become a participant of the action - it is enough to pay with your Prostir card in any distribution network or Internet (the winner is chosen by the bank using a random selection method).

The promotion will be valid from 05 to November 23, 2018 (inclusive).

Detailed information and the rules of the action can be found on the website of OSP "PROSTIR": http://prostir.gov.ua/prostir/action

• Date of the initiative is November 30, 2018 to 01/12/2018

• Place: CEC "Parkoviy̆"

• Time 10.00-20.00

BLACKFEST Ukrainian Coffee Show is not only a business - a forum for innovation and education, but also a great opportunity to meet with friends, colleagues over a cup of coffee, learn new skills and learn about current trends in the coffee industry!

Open new with "PROSTIR"!

06 November 2018

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