As part of the expansion of the service line, RwS bank began providing services to corporate clients in the purchase and sale of banking metals.

We offer corporate clients the following services with precious banking metals (gold, silver):

  • opening current accounts in banking metals;
  • purchase / sales of ingots of banking metals in the office of "RwS bank" on the street. Belorusskaya, 8 (specialized department for work with banking metals);
  • purchase / sale of banking metals in the IMRU;
  • transfers of banking metals between their accounts within the "RwS bank" and beyond;
  • placement of bank metals in deposit accounts.

"RwS bank" offers special conditions for jewelry companies and entrepreneurs. We guarantee that even 1 gram you will buy at a wholesale price.

Corporate clients are offered advantageous tariffs for opening and servicing current accounts, buying / selling at the MVRU, namely:

  • Opening of the current account - 50,00 UAH.
  • Transfers between their accounts within the "RwS bank" are free of charge.
  • Purchase / sale of banking metals at the IMRU - 0.15% (with a supply of 0.2%) of the transaction amount.


In order to obtain more detailed information and purchase of metal, call (044) 568-08-86.

Head of the banking metals division Pavel Grebtsov.

11 June 2018

Buy Sale
USD 27.85 28.15
EUR 31.4 32
RUB 0.38 0.42