The National Bank of Ukraine resolution No. 53, which allows borrowers to buy foreign currency for repayment of debt under loan agreements, entered into force not only in the bank in which the loan was received, but also in any Ukrainian bank.


Consequently, henceforth, bank customers have the opportunity to choose the bank for the most relevant exchange rate for the purchase of currency.


RwS Bank offers its clients a competitive rate and operative operations.


We also inform that the decision of the NBU has simplified the procedure for returning investments and revenues from their implementation for foreign investors. For this purpose, the National Bank provided for the possibility for non-residents to buy and repatriate currency in the event that foreign investments were made through the capitalization of dividends (that is, by directing dividends accrued by the issuer to a foreign investor directly to increase the share capital of this company).


We invite to "RwS Bank" branches if your company intends to purchase foreign currency on the interbank market to repay a loan previously received in any Ukrainian bank.

08 June 2018

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