"RwS bank" within the scope of expanding the range of services for customers now provides the opportunity to make money transfers using the "Welsend" system.


Perform transfers in the "Welsend" system in four currencies: the hryvnia, the US dollar, the euro and the Russian ruble.


The Welsend system is represented in more than 1000 points of customer service in the cities of Ukraine and more than 23,000 points abroad: Albania, Great Britain, Belgium, Romania, Vietnam, Greece, China, Armenia, Philippines, Georgia , Bangladesh, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


The commission for the transfer of funds through the "Welsend" system is paid by the sender at the time of departure.


Immediately after receiving the tracking number, the transfer will be available to the recipient.


To send money, you need:

• present an identification document to the department manager;

• inform the amount, currency, country of receipt of the transfer, the name of the recipient and the method of receiving the transfer;

• sign the application for sending the transfer.


To receive a money transfer, you must:

• present the identity document to the department manager and provide the transfer control number;

• inform the amount, the currency of the transfer, the name of the sender;

• Tell the method of receiving the transfer;

• sign an application for payment of the transfer.

17 October 2017

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