The National Bank of Ukraine in August can keep the discount rate at the level of 12.5%, according to Vladislav Kravets, Chairman of the Management Board of RwS Bank.


"NBU can reduce the discount rate until the end of the year to 10-10.5%, bringing it closer to the forecasted inflation rate in 901. At the same time, the reduction of the discount rate will be facilitated, among other things, by the receipt of currency in the country through exports Agricultural products, which will allow smoothing seasonal exchange rate fluctuations in the autumn.Reduction of restrictions for foreign investors on the repatriation of dividends within the framework of liberalization of the foreign exchange market creates favorable conditions for foreign currency to enter the country from foreign investors.


However, in August, the NBU is likely to decide to keep the discount rate at 12.5% ​​for a more accurate assessment of inflation and macroeconomic indicators for seven months.


Despite the fact that the discount rate in August may remain at the current level, deposit rates will continue to gradually decline - from 14-15% per annum in UAH, seeking to the level of the current discount rate, "- said Vladislav Kravets.


The NBU last lowered its discount rate from 13% to 12.5% ​​per annum in May 2017.

02 August 2017

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