"Banks will not be able to increase the corporate lending portfolio in 2018, as the question remains how to clear the portfolios of banks and portfolios of borrowers from toxic assets that appeared during the crisis, as well as in connection with the annexation of Crimea and ATO in the Donbass. Time next year will be much more actively develop retail lending, the drivers of its growth will be consumer lending and lending to small and medium-sized businesses. The share of consumer loans and loans is low y and medium-sized businesses in the retail loan portfolio may grow in 2018 a quarter of current levels ", - said Chairman of the Board «RwS bank» Vladislav Kravets.


According to him, since 2018, banks will start to activate car loans in the segment of buying new cars, while lending for the purchase of used cars may be stalled - the problem with imported cars in the European registration remains unsolved.


The banker believes that, in general, the macroeconomic environment next year will be turbulent in connection with the start of the pre-election campaign. "Many decisions that will be implemented in the next year through state-owned banks may not have a market direction." The start of privatization of state-owned banks will help strengthen the banking system, "he added.


According to Vladislav Kravets, GDP in 2018 may grow to 3%, and average annual inflation will decrease to about 6%, which will create prerequisites for further growth in lending. "The main condition for a significant increase in lending in all segments is an increase in the country's credit rating and the ability of banks to enter foreign borrowing markets.Unfortunately, this is unlikely in 2018, so the source of resources to banks will be the funds of individuals and corporations, as well as the public sector," - added Vladislav Kravets.

06 December 2017

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