"RwS Bank" updated its long-term national currency credit rating at uaAA-. The decision to update the credit rating was made in accordance with the results of the analysis of the results of the bank's operations for 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.

The bank with a rating of uaAA- is characterized by very high creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian borrowers or debt instruments.

In its report, the agency draws attention to changes in the structure of assets of "RwS Bank" during the first three months of 2018: the share of loans and arrears of bank customers increased from 5.48% to 10.20%, or by 4.72 pp. (from UAH 27.93 million to UAH 48.778 million); the share of cash and cash equivalents decreased by 8.57 pp to 37.44%.

According to the agency, such changes in the structure of assets "RwS Bank" have a positive effect on the bank's operations. "RwS Bank" continues to increase its business volume, thus increasing its presence on the credit market.
Regulatory capital "RwS Bank" (H1) as of 01.04.2018. is 210.6 million UAH. The regulatory capital adequacy ratio of the bank (H2) decreased from 47.07% to 39.77%, or by 7.3 pp. Despite this reduction, "RwS Bank" maintained a high margin of H2, which was at times above the normative value and the average for the banking system. RwS Bank's high level of regulatory capital has a positive impact on its credit rating.

"RwS Bank" liquidity ratios as of 05.02.2018 are: Н4 - 158,88%, Н5 - 114,42%, Н6 - 61,61%.

According to the results of the first three months of 2018 the bank received a profit of 1,602 million UAH.

In addition, in the first quarter of 2018, as compared to the same period in 2017, all key performance indicators of "RwS Bank" grew. Thus, interest income increased by 97.49% to UAH 4.73 million, commission income - by 175.87% to UAH 10.254 billion, and the result of foreign currency transactions grew by 13.3 times to 4.257 million. UAH, net interest income - by 39.68% to UAH 2.605 million.

The Bank continues to expand the range of its services and products for customers and in March 2018 joined the international money transfer system MoneyGram.

Thus, according to the reporting, "RwS Bank" provided a high margin of regulatory capital and liquidity norms, continued to increase business volumes, secured an increase in interest, commission income and outflow from foreign currency transactions, and also demonstrated profit in the first quarter of 2018 . Relevant factors allowed the agency to update the rating "RwS Bank".


"RwS Bank" specializes in providing a full range of banking services to individuals and corporate clients: settlement and cash services, currency transactions, bank guarantees, factoring services, deposit programs and salary projects, etc.
In RwS Bank, in addition to the Head Office, there are eight departments. In the regions, the bank is represented by two branches in Lviv, and one in Dnipro, Vinnytsya and Korosten.

15 May 2018

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