The Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks begins the 7th season of the All-Ukrainian mini-football tournament among NABU member banks - "NABU Champions Cup - 2018", which is timed to a professional holiday - Banker's Day.


Employees of RwS Bank were also pleased to join the championship.


There was a draw for today. In the Cup of Champions NABU-2018 16 teams of representatives of Ukrainian banks and the National Bank of Ukraine will take part. The first game will be played on April 19th.


The mini-football tournament is a kind of active recreation, the task of which is the formation of corporate spirit. Emotional uplift during the game brings a sense of unity, organization and solidarity. It establishes friendly relations, transforming the fierce competition into the cooperation, which helps to achieve maximum results in the work.


We wish our athletes many beautiful spinners and goals scored to the opponent's goal! Let each match be successful.

13 April 2018

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