«RwS Bank» announced the beginning of issue of payment cards of the national payment system «PROSTIR» with the chip of the international standard EMV CPA. Employees of UKRCARD and the NBU at the earliest possible time, the certification of chip cards of the SPST "PROSTIR" initiated by the Bank was carried out. The cards are manufactured at Polly-Service using the chip product Liger CPA. The preparation of chip data is carried out by UKRCARD.

Issuing national payment system cards produced in Ukraine using Ukrainian technologies, UKRCARD and RwS Bank contribute to the development and establishment of our country as one of the high-tech and developed countries in the world.

PROSTIR cards holders now have almost 31 thousand self-service banking devices, of which 14.6 thousand ATMs, 414 deposit ATMs, 15.9 thousand PCTs and 187.5 thousand POS-terminals throughout the country.


RwS Bank specializes in providing a full range of banking services to corporate clients: cash and settlement services, currency transactions, bank guarantees, factoring services, etc.

RwS Bank has a long-term credit rating of uaA.

Branches of the banking institution are located in Kyiv, Lviv and Vinnytsia.
According to the results of 2016, "RwS Bank" received a conditional and positive audit opinion from Ernst & Young.
UKRCARD has been developing banking business for over 20 years, servicing card payment systems and acquiring. Priority directions are support of infrastructure providing operations with cards "PROSTIR" (formerly NSMEP), UKRCARD, VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide, as well as providing data registration services and administration of PPOs for UKRINFORM of Ukraine. To date, the company has the following statuses from the NBU: "Internal payment card system", "Clearing", "Processing", "Information equivalence of NSMEP", "Operational, informational and other technological functions for transfer of funds".

28 August 2017

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