The intention of the National Bank of Ukraine in the future to begin to provide commercial banks with five-year refinancing loans with a floating interest rate on interest-bearing tenders stipulated in the "Basic Principles of Monetary Policy for 2018 and the Medium-term Perspective", will facilitate economic growth, the Chairman of the Board "RwS Bank" Vladislav Kravets.

"The idea of ​​the National Bank is timely and correct, since the economy currently lacks long resources. It is very important that the resources that the NBU puts into the banking system would go exclusively in support of the Ukrainian commodity producer and that this money was limited by any the possibilities of overseas withdrawal, in order to avoid the pressure on the course and inflation.The program of targeted refinancing loans should become an important element in a well-thought out integral design aimed at creating an innovative fast-growing economy, "said Vl Adis Kravets.

According to him, the most optimal and expedient is to invest these funds in housing construction solely for the development of the primary market. "In this way, banks, through obtaining long-term targeted loans, will be able to issue similar loans on a timely basis to individuals and possibly even legal entities that will later invest this money in housing construction, with credit terms and the terms for repayment and development of these funds to be approximately the same. will accordingly give an impetus to the development of related industries, "said Vladislav Kravets.

The banker believes that targeted loans should also be provided for domestic projects in the sphere of automotive and agricultural machinery production. "In this case, there should be clearly defined criteria according to which the purchase of cars or agricultural machinery should be exclusively for the Ukrainian producer and only with a certain amount of locating components for this equipment, for example, 60-80%," he said.

The third direction of the use of such target resources could be aircraft engineering, says Vladislav Kravets. "Such targeted financing would stimulate the development of new models of airplanes, both freight and passenger. At the same time, with such targeted investment of money in the aviation industry, it would be advisable to develop a program for Ukrainian airlines to purchase aircraft of Ukrainian production for domestic local flights," he said.

02 October 2017

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