Bank cards for individuals

RwS bank offers a new type of card for customers from the NPS PROSTIR.

This is a convenient and reliable way to manage your own budget and the ability to receive interest on the balance of funds on your card account.

The card of the NPS PROSTIR gives its holder the opportunity to effect non-cash payment for goods and services in the trade network or the Internet in the territory of Ukraine, as well as withdraw cash from ATMs and POS-terminals of participating banks PROSTIR: .

Main advantages:

  •         possibility to pay for the goods and services (also on the Internet) with the help of a card or to receive cash at ATMs and cash desks of banks in the territory of Ukraine;
  •         additional income - monthly The Bank accrues interest on the balance of funds on the card account;
  •         control over the movement of funds on the card account - obtaining information about the transaction in the form of sms - messages;
  •         possibility of setting individual limits for daily card transactions;
  •         possibility of opening additional payment cards for family members;
  •         monthly the card holder has the opportunity to receive an extract (free of charge - for the previous reporting month) about operations on the card, which will help to plan the budget effectively;
  •         participation in all actions held by NPS PROSTIR.

You can get a PROSTIR card in any branch of "RwS bank", for this you need to provide:

  •         passport or other document proving identity;
  •         certificate of assignment of the taxpayer identification code.


Information on activation of the card and installation of a PIN-code via SMS
Rules for opening and servicing accounts of individuals using bank payment cards of PJSC "RVS BANK"
List of member banks of NPS PROSTER, performing the function of a bank - acquirer.