Software “Client-Bank” is developed for creation of automated system of secured electronic document exchange between the bank and clients with use of computer and communicational networks including internet. Personal computers with MS Windows and Internet Explorer are used on client end.



  • Client set a connection with Bank through provider of internet services. Server machine of provider is used as transport hub for internet connection of Client-Bank.  There is no need to install any software on provider’s server or on client’s computer.
  • Main feature of technology “Bank – Online” is  utilizing of central data base, which located in the bank. Client operates data base in real time. Data base is constantly updated with documents, received from Client and with outgoing documents for Clients from automated banking system.
  • Software and information tools, required by Client for work with data, which keeping in bank, are mobile and can be transmit to Client on request.  Internet Explorer allows to save such software on client’s computer and when it is necessary can be updated. 
  • Technology “Bank–Online” allows to work with documents which are keeping in bank’s data base simultaneously by several representatives of the Client. (i.e. Director and Accountant) remotely. 


Access to Client-Bank service is provided to those clients who have open current accounts. To start work clients need:

  • Have access to internet network;
  • Conclude standard agreement;
  • Receive  information security tool;
  • Ensure meeting requirements to software and hardware.


Start working with Internet-Client-Bank (Ukrainian version)

Start working with Internet-Client-Bank (Russian  version)

Start working with Internet-Client-Bank (English version)


Download client’s workplace (ZIP-archive or  SFX-архів)

Documentation about "Client-Bank" (Ukrainian version)

Documentation about “Client-Bank” (Russian version)


Telephone for technical support:  (044) 590-00-05